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Power Switch Wiring Diagram, With Circuit Breaker, Contactor, Fuse
Jan 17, 2019

Power switch wiring diagram, with circuit breaker, contactor, fuse

This article will continue to share some common wiring diagrams for the push button switch product. The protagonist of this time is the power switch. Of course, the wiring diagram here is only the schematic diagram of the circuit control in the simplest case. The voltage electrical products involved mainly include fuses, contactors and circuit breakers.

power switch

The wiring diagram is as follows: The circuit diagram is relatively simple, but it is also the basis of many complicated circuit wiring. The picture is a physical wiring, simple and easy to understand. Among them, circuit breakers, fuses, and contactors are common, not limited to picture models.

Need to add that the above picture is the 380V coil wiring diagram, for 220V, only need to add a zero line to control. At the same time, the power switch used in the above figure can be a widely used metal knob.

By the way, there are some common applications about power switches. We are familiar with: air purifiers, radios, good quality toys, medical equipment, audio conditioning equipment, etc.

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