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Q Metal Pushbutton Switch Classification
Jan 11, 2018

There are 2 kinds of pushbutton switch on the market, one is the air-cooled Q metal switch, one is the water-cooled Q metal pushbutton switch. Q with light switch has 27M, 40M, 80M and other specifications. Laser Marking Machine commonly used Q illuminated pushbutton switch are 27M. In the domestic market are generally used 27M water-cooled Q waterproof switch.

Passive Q waterproof pushbutton switch by the laser itself to complete the Q value changes. Active Q metal switch with light by external mechanical or electrical signals so that Q value changes. Their common principle is to reduce the initial energy of photons excited by the Q value, the commonly used Q lighted metal pushbutton switch with:

1, saturable absorber Q waterproof metal switch: This is a passive Q waterproof metal pushbutton switch. In the resonant cavity can be saturable absorption dye box, color center crystal. Their laser transmission through the cavity is a function of light intensity. At the beginning, the intensity of the stimulated radiation in the cavity is low, and their absorption of light radiation is high, ie, the Q value of the cavity is very low. When the working substance When sufficiently pumped to reach the laser oscillation threshold, they saturate and absorb, transmitting up to almost 100%. The Q of the resonator suddenly rises to a very high value.

metal button switch.jpg

2, electro-optic crystal Q metal button switch: This is the active Q waterproof button switch. Discharge optical components and polarization analyzer in the resonator. When an external electric field is applied to the electro-optical element, the plane of polarization of the passing laser light is rotated, whereby the transmittance of the light beam through the analyzer can be controlled. The Q value of the resonator is related to the analyzer's transmission. The most common electro-optic components now are Kerr and Pockels cells.

3, turn mirror Q reset switch: This is the active Q reset pushbutton switch. A motor driven prism high-speed rotation of the prism, when the rotating mirror to the other side of the resonator and the mirror is exactly parallel to the position of the cavity Q the highest value, the other positions are relatively low, the mirror rotation must be with the flash Trigger synchronization, the two mirrors to achieve parallel, the working substance has been fully pumped. The main advantage of this Q reset metal switch is good repeatability, the main drawback is the easy noise.

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