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Rocker Switches Connection Method
Aug 14, 2017

rocker switches Connection method

The connection of the rocker switch in the circuit

Rocker Switches Almost all electronic circuits use semiconductor diodes, which play an important role in many circuits. It is one of the earliest semiconductor devices, and its applications are very extensive, and crystal diodes are one The pn junction formed by the p-type semiconductor and the n-type semiconductor forms a space charge layer on both sides at its interface and has a self-built electric field. When there is no applied voltage, the diffusion current due to the difference in carrier concentration between the two sides of the p-n junction is equal to the drift current caused by the built-in electric field and is in an electrical equilibrium state.

Rocker switch in the diode switch circuit to use the diode, because the ordinary diode switching speed is not high enough, so in this switch circuit used in the diode for the special switching diode is shown as the equivalent of switching diodes, from the figure It can be seen that the switching diode is equivalent to a switch Sl at the same time, there are two resistors.

Equivalent circuit switch Sl can be considered an ideal switch, that is, its on-resistance is as small as zero, the breaking resistance is large enough to infinity.

Rock switch according to the switching device in the circuit connected to the way, the more widely used switching power supply, can be divided into: series switching power supply, parallel switching power supply, transformer switching power supply and other three categories.

Among them, the small micro-switch transformer-type switching power supply (hereinafter referred to as transformer switching power supply) can be further divided into: push-pull, half-bridge, full bridge and other; according to the transformer excitation and output voltage phase, Divided into: forward, flyback, single-and double-excited and so on.

Small micro-switch - if used from the points, can also be divided into more types of tandem switching power supply is the disadvantage of the input and output share a ground, therefore, prone to EMI interference and the bottom of the live, when the input voltage for the mains rectified output voltage Of the time, easy to cause electric shock, the person is not safe.

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