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Rocker Switches Switch Industry
Jul 17, 2017

Rocker switches Switch industry

The investment in fixed assets of the switching industry has a considerable prospect

In the first half of the year, the results were bright, and the second half could be divided. In the transmission and transformation plate, the switching industry is very bright compared with the transformer industry, especially the switching industry, which is a beautiful scenery in the first half of the power equipment sector. But in the second half of the switches may appear differentiation, mainly due to China's medium voltage switch used in the various fields of national economy in great quantities, the decline in the economic situation and investment in fixed assets to some customers structure in the second half is given priority to with industrial and mining enterprises and municipal engineering company large performance impact.

There are still structural opportunities in the second half of the subdivision of medium voltage switch. First of all, China's distribution network construction has just begun to accelerate, and the central pressure switching enterprises that are the main customers of the power grid will give priority to the benefits. Second, medium voltage switching investment data from 2011, C - GIS investment occupy larger share, C - GIS market penetration in China less than 10, compared with the developed countries more than 50 permeability, large gaps, with the increase of the domestic approval of C - GIS, C - GIS will usher in rapid development.

In addition, China's industrial transfer and the regional planning policy gave rise to the north, west and central a rapid increase of investment in fixed assets, in the west, north to complete the layout or the layout of the company will benefit from actively.

The ultra-high voltage switch is expected to generate excess earnings in the second half of the year. We believe that the construction of the ultra-high voltage ac line is a large probability event in the second half of the year. If the communication lines are built, the relevant switching enterprises will benefit significantly.

According to sian-nanjing line's site, the market space of uhv GIS is about 6 billion.

There is a lot of hope that the high voltage switch has exceeded the market's excess returns. Last year, in addition, restricting the rising prices of raw materials of high voltage switch, falling prices and reduced demand factors such as the improvement: high voltage switch costs accounted for more than steel, copper, aluminum and other prices continued to fall in price of the product at the same time due to changes in its bidding rules and high voltage switch companies dislike of price war appeared obvious rebound, the market demand under the premise of stable, high voltage switch enterprises profit space of raw materials and product prices are there is an obvious improvement, will effectively improve enterprise's profit ability.

Investment strategy: to select the logic of high voltage construction in the field of good segmentation, and recommend to focus on pinggao electric, zhongneng electric, Beijing co., etc. Focus on the risk of further deterioration in the macro economy and the risk that the grid investment will be lower than expected.

There are many kinds of movable switches, there are hundreds of kinds of internal structure, and there are common types, small size and super small size. According to the protection performance, waterproof type, dustproof type, explosion-proof type; According to the split form, there is a single, double, and multiple. There is also a strong disconnect switch (when the reed of the switch does not work, the external force can also disconnect the switch); According to dividing ability cent, have common type, dc type, micro current type, big current type. By using the environment, there are ordinary type, high temperature (250 ℃), ultra high temperature ceramics (400 ℃)

The micro - moving switch is generally used as the basic type without auxiliary pressure, and the small stroke type and big stroke are derived. According to the need can join different auxiliary press accessories, according to join different pressure accessory switch can be divided into the push button, reed roller, short lever roller type, movable arm type, long movable arm type, such as various forms.

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