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Rocker Switches Switch Overview
Jul 04, 2017

Rocker switches Switch Overview

Switch Overview: Switches are now playing an important role in many production processes and technical equipment. If they fail collectively or disappear, the community considers the necessary services, such as clean water and conventional energy supplies, and will stop immediately. Their basic function is to turn on or off the current in the circuit, or literally understand the "switch" between the conductor current channel, for numerous machines and technical equipment used. To give a complex example, a hardware called a KVM switch (keyboard, video, mouse) that allows people to operate multiple computers using one or more keyboards, video monitors, or mice (in the data center, or full-size Keyboards and computers are useful for small mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and PDAs. From the computer keyboard to respond to human percussion to send electronic signals to the computer, to control the garage door (when the door is fully automatic when the sensor), to the temperature control thermostat in the refrigerator. All of these and even more inventions are controlled by the deployment of a large number of different switches, both imaginative and dexterous. Second, the history of the switch: With the advent of electricity, nineteenth century scientists and inventors can invent a variety of techniques to block and connect the circuit current. And this technology has been widely used in industrial switches and home switches production and use. In the Victorian period, the first light switch was invented by the British inventor John Jeffrey Holmes in 1884 (six years later by the Granville Woods invented the dimmer switch, but until 1905 the trigger circuit of the lamp circuit only Was invented). Holmes' "quick-break technology" (which in turn immediately cuts off or closes the circuit and protects the switch contacts from arc damage) is still in use. Although in most modern buildings, the trigger switch has been largely replaced by the rocker switch. Which through the "swing Trojan" action connected and disconnect the circuit, the switch side of the pressure, one side of the increase.

 Third, the key technical elements: In order to simplify the theoretical circuit analysis of the equation, engineers and inventors usually use the "ideal switch" concept, its closure will not cause voltage drop, open or close when the moment of operation, High or low, and no rated current or voltage limit. But the actual life does not exist ideal switch. The actual switch has the number of measurable switches, the resistance and the load voltage and the current limit. So if you ignore the performance of realistic materials, the ideal switch will lead to real life in the wrong solution. Switch inventors and manufacturers always incorporate the effects of non-ideal performance into the theoretical model of their switched large networks (such as telephones) to limit errors. Fourth, the commonly used high-voltage switch electrical equipment: industrial electrical appliances according to the level of its work to 1200V AC, DC 1500V for the sector, can be divided into high-voltage electrical appliances and low-voltage electrical appliances two categories. For example, the common high-voltage electrical appliances have high voltage circuit breakers, high voltage isolating switches, high voltage load switches and high voltage circuit breakers. High-voltage fuses are high-voltage protection appliances, high-voltage isolation switch is mainly used to isolate the high-voltage power supply The second part of the other electrical equipment safety maintenance, because the high-voltage isolation switch does not have arc extinguishing device, it can not carry the load operation. The high voltage load switch has an arc extinguishing device, but the load switch can not cut off the short circuit current and must be protected in series with the high voltage fuse. High-voltage circuit breakers are used in high-voltage devices with on-load current and are short-circuited and overloaded. Therefore, high-voltage circuit breakers have a fairly complete arc-extinguishing structure and sufficient interrupting capability. Common high-voltage circuit breakers have oil circuit breakers (oil switches) And vacuum circuit breakers.

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