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Rotary Metal Push Button Switch Characteristics And Working Principle
Jan 07, 2018

TOPSHALL produced rotary metal pushbutton switch can be used to replace the traditional resistance potentiometer simulation of the rotary pulse generator, the rotary metal push button switch is usually used in the instrument front panel and audio and video control panel human-machine interface, rotary metal pushbutton switch with positive Optical encoders As purely digital devices that replace analog potentiometers, these rotary metal pushbutton switches resemble traditional or resistive potentiometers in appearance, although the internal construction of these rotary metal pushbutton switches is fully digital and uses optical technology. Similar to traditional incremental encoder products, there are two quadrature output signals (channel A and channel B) that can be connected directly to the encoder processing chip.

metal push button switch.jpg

Common band switch and multimeter shift switches are rotary switches, and its structure has two kinds: one is the BBM (Break Before Make) contact type, which is characterized by the dynamic contact in the transposition to disconnect the front contact And then connected after the contact, in the meantime there is a state with the front and rear contacts are disconnected: the other is MBB (Make Before Break) contact type, which is characterized by dynamic contact in the transposition has a front and rear contacts are in contact with the state Then disconnect the front contact and keep contact with the rear contact. In the circuit design should be based on circuit usage and circuit safety to select the appropriate rotary metal button switch.

In a range of resistance is the value of change, and then there is a metal button switch contacts, which is the switch of the old TV and radio, the current fan, then there are several stalls, fan windings connected to several sets of leads, through Change the number of turns to change the speed, the principle and potentiometer similar.

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