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Switch Socket Cool Knowledge
Dec 08, 2016

Sn-p bronze = high performance? No market is dominated by parts welded together, low performance is not durable.

One high precision stamping of thicker copper pieces to 0.65mm

Socket connection is not important? No load cannot tolerate multiple line current, prone to fire, and when it's too late

Large connection port, suitable for all kinds of wire access, terminal capacity to meet 3x2.5mm2 3x4mm2 2x6mm2 wire

Panel not burn = flame retardant well? Add impurities to most products on the market will not burn, but produces a lot of smoke, flame retardant, smoke-free, a bullet-proof plastic level, using pure flame retardant materials for protection against electric shock = PC safe and secure? Only the General protection 20A, can't really protect your glass fiber reinforced nylon material, 75N protected doors, far higher than the industry standard

Large = reasonable spacing? Reasonable spacing between two holes with a three-hole 33mm

Functional and beautiful, Jack 33mm, electronic product popularity, various plugs, battery charger 33mm spacing

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