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The Role Of Momentary Button Switch
Jan 11, 2019

The role of momentary button switch

The momentary button switch is one of the plug-in objects on the motherboard. When the hand is pressed, it short-circuits. When it is released, it is restored to open circuit. The short-circuit will cause the computer to restart. Simply put, it is a restart button.

The momentary button switch is simply a push button switch that can be reset automatically. The momentary button switch can be cylindrical or square. In appearance, it is no different from ordinary switches, but it is different in function. 

momentary button switch

The difference between momentary button switch and self-latching push button: after pressing the momentary button switch, the hand releases and returns to the initial state; when the latching push button is pressed, the hand is released and does not reply.

The momentary button switch is very similar to the jog push button switch. Strictly speaking, it is also a kind of jog push button switch. However, the momentary button switch is different from the ordinary jog push button switch in that the selection of the momentary button switch is longer. Not a point, but a trip.

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