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Waterproof Illuminated Stainless Steel Metal Pushbutton Switch Works
Jan 12, 2018

There is a power metal key switch in a door, a power through the door, a power to stop closing, so what is the door, waterproof switching power supply and some use of SCR, and some stainless steel switch, the two yuan Device performance is similar, are by the base, (waterproof pushbutton switch) control pole (SCR) plus the pulse signal to complete the turn-on and cut off, the pulse signal is half a week coming, the control voltage on the rise, waterproof Metal switch or thyristor on, by 220v rectifier, the output of the filtered 300v voltage on, through the waterproof metal pushbutton switch transformer to the secondary, and then through the transformation ratio will increase or decrease the voltage for each Circuit work. Oscillation pulse negative half weeks coming, 

stainless steel pushbutton.jpg

the base of power regulation tube, or SCR control voltage is lower than the original set voltage, power regulation tube cut-off, 300v power is turned off, water-proof illuminated switch transformer secondary no voltage, which When the required operating voltage of the circuit, to rely on the secondary circuit after the discharge of the filter capacitor to maintain. Until the next pulse positive half cycle signal arrival, repeat the previous process. This waterproof light pushbutton switch transformer is called high-frequency transformer, because of his work frequency higher than 50hz low frequency. So to promote the stainless steel pushbutton switch or thyristor pulse how to obtain it, which requires an oscillator circuit, we know that the transistor has a characteristic that is the base of the emitter voltage is 0.65-0.7v is enlarged, 0.7v above is the saturation conduction state, -0.1v- -0.3v working in the oscillation state, then adjust the work point, then rely on deeper negative feedback to produce negative pressure, the oscillation tube oscillation, oscillation tube The frequency of the base capacitor charging and discharging the length of time to decide, the oscillation frequency high output pulse amplitude is large, otherwise small, which determines the size of the power regulator tube output voltage. Then the secondary voltage transformer output voltage how to regulate it, usually with the light stainless steel switch transformer, a single winding around the coil, the voltage obtained at the upper end of the rectifier filter, as the reference voltage, and then through the optocoupler, The reference voltage is returned to the base of the oscillation tube to adjust the oscillation frequency level, if the transformer secondary voltage increases, the sample coil output voltage is also increased, the optocoupler obtained by the positive feedback voltage is also increased, this The voltage applied to the base of the oscillating tube lowers the oscillation frequency and stabilizes the secondary output voltage

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