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Waterproof Metal Touch Push Button Switch Light Is Your First Choice
Jan 08, 2018

Waterproof metal touch button switch light Low-voltage rectifier filter circuit: after the beginning of high-frequency transformer step-down voltage pulsating voltage and the use of the same diode to carry out rectification and filtering, and rectifying part of the capacitor can not have too much AC impedance, Otherwise it can not filter out the high-frequency AC components, so not only the capacity of the selected capacitor to large, but also a lower AC resistance Caixing, in addition to see the huge volume of 1, 2 with a core of the inductor, With the filter capacitor filter high-frequency AC components, to ensure the output of pure DC. Press the shrapnel to make the printed circuit connection.

waterproof switch.png

How important is the way to choose a metal pushbutton switch? A good metal pushbutton switch with light is also important for the life of the entire product, its appearance and installation space. For example, the computer keyboard, remote control, etc., are installed space is very small, if it is poor quality metal touch switch, after frequent press will make the metal elastic fatigue loss of elasticity and failure. Therefore, the selection of metal touch switch with light is very important. Waterproof metal touch switch good or bad factors, the key is waterproof touch button switch protection, solderability, continuity reliability, life expectancy, feel, production process and installation dimensions and other factors.

Light touch button switch temperature drift and temperature coefficient:

1. Temperature drift: changes in ambient temperature changes in the parameters of components, resulting in voltage regulator output voltage commonly used temperature coefficient of temperature drift that the size

2. Absolute temperature coefficient: 1 degree Celsius temperature changes caused by the output voltage, the unit is V / ℃ or millivolts per degree Celsius

3. Relative temperature coefficient: 1 degree Celsius temperature changes caused by the relative change in output voltage, the unit is V / ℃

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