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What Are The Applications Of Press Button Switch?
Jan 03, 2019

What are the applications of press button switch?

1.press button switch can be used in a variety of applications to prevent strong light sources, photoelectric switches can generally work stably when the ambient illumination is high. However, the optical axis of the sensor should be avoided against strong light sources such as sunlight and incandescent lamps. When the angle between the optical axis of the sensor (receiver) and the strong light source cannot be changed, a visor or a light-shielded long tube can be attached around the sensor.

2. Prevent mutual interference. The new series of press button switches usually have the function of automatically preventing mutual interference, so there is no need to worry about mutual interference. However, when the series of infrared-type photoelectric switches are installed in close proximity to several groups, adjacent groups and mutual interference should be prevented. The most effective way to prevent this interference is to cross the emitter and receiver, and to open the group distance when you exceed the 2 groups. Of course, it is also a good idea to use a different frequency model. An effective way to prevent mutual interference with a series of reflective press button switches is to open the gap. Moreover, the farther the detection distance is, the larger the interval should be. The specific interval should be determined according to the debugging situation. Of course, models with different operating frequencies can also be used.

3. Mirror angle effect: When the measured object is shiny or encounters a smooth metal surface, the general reflectivity is very high, and it has a mirror-like effect. At this time, the angle between the emitter and the detection object should be installed so that The optical axis is not perpendicular to the object being detected, thereby preventing malfunction.

4. Exclude background effects: When using reflective diffuser type emitters and receivers, sometimes press button switch or background is smooth and other objects with high reflectivity may cause press button switch. Unable to detect stably. Therefore, it is possible to use a distance-limited type of projection or light receiver, or to remove the background object, remove the background object, paint the background material as matte black, or try to make the background object rough and gray.

press button switch

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