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What Current Can Waterproof Power Metal Push Button Switch Withstand?
Dec 29, 2017

Metal push buttons currently on the market are commonly used silver alloy contacts, the specifications are generally 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm. Current capacity of 12-19mm 5A, 22-25mm current 10A. Select the current size according to the size of the button volume, the size of the button to determine the size of silver alloy contacts inside the button. Contact size and decide the size of the current.

metal push button switch.jpg

What is the international tolerance of metal push button switches?

LCD TV inside the button switch is cheap, about 5 cents a bar. These keys are used over time, prone to leakage failure, there will be as you described in a variety of non-command, disorder phenomenon. But to replace these keys is not an easy task, to open the TV shell to be replaced. Open the LCD TV shell is a technical work, to use more specialized tools to open the case. If not careful, it is easy to damage the LCD screen, a great risk. Recommended professionals to repair as well

The conduction angle of the metal button consistency can be done well; then there is no flash off when there is no conduction, this point users can be assured; then there is the environmental aspects, as well as the transport process, And in the use of them will not cause environmental pollution, this is a very good point.

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